A great book to know the power of AngularJS in action

I just finished to read 'AngularJS Web Application Development Blueprints' and here are some of the best and helpful things I found about it:

When I started to read it I thought it was just about AngularJS api but after the first chapter I noticed that the book has more that simple AngularJS examples.

One of the things I love is the Tips when the author explain why is better to use one or other tag, branch or code, that is the best way to learn why one or other code do the same but one is better that others.

This book comes with a real important chapter about tools to take the best advantage of all the AngularJS framework through many packages as grunt, yeoman and karma.

And real examples, from a simple web app to a more complex CMS, but one of the best is how to setup a Scalable Architecture for real.

I hope you read it!
If you have any commets about this, please let me know!


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